Side Quests

by Equip

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Equipped 02:58
Home Town 02:46
Tunneldiving 02:57
Cobalt Caves 04:09
Palace Dream 07:42
Heaven 03:15
Geodesic 03:52
Touchstone 02:10


A collection of sketches, compilation tracks, and abandoned song skeletons spanning from 2015-2019, re-mastered and assembled in August 2020. "Side Quests" as they are known in RPGs, are meant to bridge the gap between major story events- this album serves a similar purpose and seeks to illuminate the sonic environments that happened in the interim between albums.

1) Equipped- (May 2017)
Originally made as an introduction for my first live show and later scrapped. Based on motif from “I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky”

2) Home Town-(June 2016)
The first piece written after trying out the voices of the Roland Sound Canvas 88 for the first time, kicking off the Synthetic Core 88 sessions. The theme of your home town. Certain elements were sampled in R23X’s remix Archaic Mechanized Memory (R23X Flip)

3) Alchemist’s C-o-r-r-i-d-o-r- (October 2014/September 2018)
Built upon the foundation of an old (pre-Equip) guitar chord progression. Embellished/finished at the beginning of the Cursebreaker sessions, but didn’t fit with the feel of the album. A dusty alchemist’s shop which leads to a secret passage. Released on Doom Trip Records compilation “Doom Mix Vol III”

4) Tunneldiving (May 2017)
Sketched while working on ideas for LP2. An ascent down a long vertical corridor. Sent to R23X for possible collaboration, ended up being sampled on a (yet unreleased) track for “Nameless Dreamers”

5) Cobalt Caves (July 2018)
Sketched for possible collaboration in mind for Nameless Dreamers but ultimately unused. Dark underground caves.

6) Save Room Sanctuary (July 2015)
Laptop sketch written outside in the back yard for the Palace sessions, never returned to. A mysterious and ethereal save room.

7) Palace Dream (August 2015)
Another Palace-era experiment with vocal acapellas and weird song structure, ultimately didn’t feel right any where on the album sequence. A mysterious, hazy dream while falling asleep exploring the Palace.

8) Heaven (March 2017)
Sketched for possible collaboration in mind for Nameless Dreamers but ultimately unused. A vision of heaven.

9) System Settings Loop (May 2019)
Sketched for possible collaboration in mind for Nameless Dreamers but ultimately unused. Change your window color and text scroll speed.

10) Ueno Crane’s Theme (March 2019)
Written specifically for New Masterpiece’s Ueno themed compilation “Museum, Zoo, Station.” An audio postcard detailing the comedic splendor of the bird.

11) Factory Panic (June 2018)
Sketched for possible collaboration in mind for Nameless Dreamers but ultimately unused. Navigating through a dense and mechanical factory.

12) Geodesic (July 2015)
Laptop sketch written outside on the roof for the Palace sessions, never returned to. A floating geodesic observatory in the Palace.

13) Airship Battle (June 2018)
Unused sketch for Nameless Dreamers- a battle against an enemy airship.

14) Touchstone (June 2018)
Unused sketch written for possible collaboration. A stone tablet which unlocks ancient magic.

15) Turquoise Lounge (July 2015)
Written during the Palace Sessions but ultimately unused. Another hidden room of the Palace In The Sky where the flow of time is distorted.

16) Coral Chamber (July 2015)
Another abandoned sketch from the Palace sessions. A large pink room lined with coral and machinery.

17) Shadowed Cavern (July 2015)
Tribal ambient piece created during the Palace sessions but scrapped. A lonely journey through a deep and mysterious cavern.

18) Ancient Ivy Atrium (October 2015)
Created at the end of the Palace sessions. Ended up on Love Lion’s compilation “Grid City” and issued as a digital bonus track with 2018’s vinyl issue of “I Dreamed Of A Palace In The Sky.” Exploring a gigantic pale ivy covered spire of the Palace.

19) Oneironaut (End Credits) (February 2019)
Written specifically as a closing track for Local Vision’s compilation Oneironaut. A nostalgic closer.


released August 11, 2020

Album at by PJ Rork

Liam, Q, PJ Rork, just me, Joseph Morris, VGM Wax, OmnilimbO, Segaoctopus, blashy, Chris Paz, worriedmoniker, Tarot15, Connor Sheehan, Kevin Soberanis, vorfeed, Stephen Drone, Izze Thompson, Conner J, Marc Junker, glowingskull, San Soko, Seffi Starshine, Nick Personett, Sam Burke, Eric Pestana, Pete Zimmer, 6she3ts, Marshy42, Travis Findlay, Dsdude, curescurse, Ambrose Jacobson, AgroKragle, Alex Mata, Timothy Quinlan, [phone], Connor, Spencer Jackson, Chris Heard, Seth Startix, deranger, Emily Lofquist, Eugenio, Brendan Lundy, Karissa Talanian, Ben Houtkamp, PEBAR, Zoticus Karamazov, krylonfanboy, Sev, Jesse Bradbury, Chiefahleaf, Zachary Gardner, Jaime Garza, Matt Kiefler, August River, Cel Shade, Jack Boys

I could not do this without you <3


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Equip Chicago, Illinois

High fantasy escapism. Sword enthusiast. Full time nostalgia dealer and KNIGHTROCKER.


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